Look, Care And History Of Coton De Tulears Puppies

Coton De Tulears are a little, charming and lovable breed. They are really gratifying to keep and raise. There are lots of Coton De Tulear breeders to buy a young puppy or adult canine from and there are a number of canine clubs and websites that supply a wealth of info. Here is a brief summary of the appearance, basic health and history of Coton De Tulears.The French word Coton means cotton, hence the name Coton De Tulears. These dogs are often compared with a cotton ball since of their long, soft coat. Despite the abundant coat, these pets are fantastic for people with allergic reactions. They do not shed and have low quantities of dander.

Coton De Tulears puppies are available in 3 colors: white, periodically with tan spots, black and white and tricolor. They have a big black nose, large dark eyes and brief legs. The tail curls over the back much like that of a Pomeranian or Shih-Tzu. They have broad chests and reasonably arched however strong backs. These canines remain relatively little. Females range between 7.7 and 11 pounds and the males are typically between 8.8 to 13 pounds. Both males and women reach a height of in between 9 and 13 inches. Coton De Tulears are noted for their loving and spirited mindsets.

They are really intelligent , curious and eager to please. Although they like to swim, run and play, they are usually quiet dogs. They have the tendency to be more active in the nights, they are great with kids and other family pets and they adjust well to their environments. Because of their long coats, Coton De Tulears young puppies need brushing practically every day.
Just like most dogs, they must be bathed when a week to keep a clean and healthy coat. They need to be supplied with short walks or playtime day-to-day and they have the stamina to delight in longer hikes. Coton De Tulears have a long life expectancy of as much as 14 to 20 years. They are a generally healthy type however just like most breeds, there are some health concerns that can emerge. Although unusual, Coton De Tulears can experience heart issues, liver shunts and problems with the back and eyes. Due to rarity and inbreeding, these canines can have hereditary abnormalities but there are an increasing number of Coton De Tulear breeders working to expand the gene pool. Coton De Tulears originally come from Madagascar and they remain the island’s nationwide pet dog.

Their forefathers are believed to have gotten here in Madagascar between the 16th and 17th centuries aboard pirate ships. It is unknown whether these canines were buddies on the pirate ships or if they were taken as booty. They were first acknowledged as a breed in 1970 by the French National Kennel Club and have because been acknowledged by many clubs and breeders around the world.

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