what better shih tzu or yorkie?

my parents and I have this deal that if I graduate gr. 8 with honors I can get a puppy and I just can't choose between the 2. they are both awesome dogs and I've done a lot of research on both.
now I need other peoples opinions so what do you think?
btw: no teacup dogs;P

It really depends on what YOU want, but I have to say I'm partial to Shih-tzus. My Shih tzu mix was a fabulous dog. Just remember, a Yorkie is a terrier, and it's going to act like one and Shih tzus are not going to want to be left alone.

  • ann s

    its all personal preference
    any dog can be a good dog if trained and socilaized properly
    i personally like yorkies
    why not check out petfinder.com and rescue a dog in your area
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  • yaya

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  • Kiki

    I'll say Yorkie, but my cousin will say Shih Tzu.
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  • Jessica

    It really depends on what YOU want, but I have to say I'm partial to Shih-tzus. My Shih tzu mix was a fabulous dog. Just remember, a Yorkie is a terrier, and it's going to act like one and Shih tzus are not going to want to be left alone.
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    work at a vet's office, Shih tzu owner

  • SmartyPants

    I have a yorkie. I chose a yorkie because they only grow to a max. of 7lbs. where a ShihTzu is max. 14lbs. Also, yorkie's hair is closer to human hair so my hubby's allergies are not affected.
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  • goldenretrievercrazy

    yorkie.personally i think a golden retriever tops them both buy a lot.first of all their the most adorable things when pups.smart and much easier to potty train than small dogs sand great with kids.they make the ultimate family dog
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  • Ani

    It depends on what you want. I do adore Yorkies (my sister's yorkie was killed when a german shep attacked my nephew, and the yorkie, Shelby, attacked the shep in return giving my nephew enough time to get away), but I love shih tzus too.

    Both are great breeds depending on what you want. Yorkies tend to be a little more hyper and well, terrier-like. They yap more and have big dog attitudes in little dog bodies.
    Shih tzus tend to be more laid back. They are very much a pamper breed. They want nothing more than to be with their human, preferably while on a couch or cushion, and while being brushed, rubbed or petted. My shih tzu Snickers wants me to tell him how pretty he is all the time.
    Shih tzus also tend to be a "what's in it for me?" breed (which is part of what I love about them). They are very smart, but if I tell one of my sister's yorkies "Jump and you get a cookie!" they say "Yay! A Cookie!" Jump jump jump jump "Gimme gimme!" jump jump jump…if I tell my shih tzu "Jump and I will give you a cookie!" he will lift his little head off his pillow and ask "What kind of cookie? Do you have any lasagna? I like that better. Maybe some roast beef? Bah, Im tired today, Im going to take a nap, come sit with me." And will put his little head back down and watch tv.

    of course, thats my experience with the breeds, every dog is different, as is every person.
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  • Stark

    You are just going to hear everyone's personal opinion, and you still have to make the decision on your own. I Personally love Shih-Tzus, and I'm not too fond of Yorkies. No particular reason, I just like shih-tzus personalities Much better.

    Which ever breed you decide to get, please visit your local animal shelters to see if they have any yorkies or shih tzus available for adoption.
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  • lexi m

    Yorkie = cuter
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  • Nikki dog lover W

    You did not mention if you have experience with either of these breeds. We have a shih tzu – lhasa apso mixed breed, who is a very sweet and mellow older dog (we adopted from a rescue). Do not adopt a dog just because they are cute – get familiar with the breed, the amount of attention, the time, and the personality they have. Like people, the personality is often more important than the looks (smile). I encourage you also to adopt a rescue dog – there are many great dogs that are past that "chew on everything" puppy stage, and full of fun and love… our boy is a doll and absolutely the perfect energy level for us. Consider volunteering at the SPCA or a rescue organization for small dogs, and work/play with a couple of them to see if you bond with one more than another….
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  • Kari_ Polman

    I looked on the Internet and I would choose a Shih Tzu.

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  • fisher1221us

    shih they have a better temperment
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  • greendogangel

    it depends on what your judging them on shih tzus are friendly and independent but their grooming is very demanding.yorkies are alert and intelligent but if you cut their fur short you don't have to worry about grooming them that much
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  • BJK

    ShihTzus they are very loveable and besides Yorkies bark all the time non- stop
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