How much will my shihtzu-poodle weigh as an adult? When will she stop growing? Is there a way to stop growth?

I have a shihtzu-poodle, when I got her she was 2.2lbs. at 10 weeks. Now at 15 weeks, she is 4lbs. The breeder (I think lied) and said she will be around 6-7 as an adult. I am not overfeeding her and she gets ample exercise. Not sure how big she will be??? I was hoping to get a toy size dog around 5-7lbs. Are there any healthy ways to stunt her growth?

she's a shi-poo? You can tell just about any dogs adult weight by tripling the 8wk weight. So if she is 2.2 at ten weeks you would figure about 6lbs adult weight.
People slow growth by food restriction, but it is not kind or humane. Just let her be what she is supposed to be. Enjoy your dog.

  • Weimaraner Luver~

    There is NO healthy way to stunt any animals growth!
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  • aussie

    Your puppy will be full grown at around 8 months old and should weigh 10-15 lbs
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  • BYB's always have excuses

    What is it today with all the BYB buyers?

    There's no way to know how large your dog to get. You bought a mutt from a bad breeder who was breeding dogs with terrible genetics and no reliability.

    She'll probably be done growing at 8-12 months and then continue to fill out for another 6-8 months.

    Did you meet the supposed parents? You may be able to guess from them.

    If you wanted a 5-7 pound dog, then you should have bought a purebred toy poodle from a responsible breeder – not amutt from an unethical BYB.

    Hopefully she won't have inherited all the defects and problems that the parents likely have.

    Get her on ultra premium food and joint supplements (when she's old enough) to help prevent serious issues.

    DO NOT stunt her growth. I can't believe this would even enter your head. Give this mutt to rescue so that she can find a home with someone that actually wants her AS IS.
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  • princessbeckyxxx86

    no and that's sooooooo wrong – u shouldn't have pets with an attitude like that – dogs aren't fashion accessories!!

    Get a life!
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  • liveyourlife`

    It's hard to predict how a mutt will turn out. Your dog could be the size of the Shih-Tzu or Poodle parent. It's hard to tell. The "breeder" was estimating. There is absolutely no way she could know how big the puppy would turn out since it's a mixed breed.

    Dogs usually stop growing around 1 year, and "fill out" until about 1 1/2-2 years. Why would you want to stunt her growth? So you can have the toy sized dog you wanted? Love her for who she is. Her size isn't that big of a deal, is it?
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  • John Avry

    My female is full grown at ~8 lbs but we fed her canned dog food which for some reason made her alot bigger than her siblings. Just feed her dry dog food and she won't get as big.
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  • Dan

    You should feed her smaller portions of food but for growth you might have to get her fixed
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  • hellosunshine_hb

    Its hard to say with mixed breeds, how anything will turn out. No, there is no "healthy" way to stump her growth. She will develop and grow naturally, as her body was intended to do (just like any living thing). My brother has a Shih Tzu that is 15lbs, and standard Toy Poodle weight is 6-9lbs… so you can expect the dog's full grown weight to fall somewhere in there.
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  • roxy1molly

    ooh my god why did you buy this dog if you want to stop it growing hello are u for real you can not stop a dog growing u were hoping to get a small dog well then you should have got a small dog from a breeder that sells small toy dogs what is this world coming too
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  • Dog Expert 101

    7-9 pounds. no theres not a way to stund her growth sorry.
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  • IndyMom

    The size as an adult depends on the breed and the size of the Mom and Dad. If the Mother or Father was a toy, you have a good chance of yours being on the small side. However, I have a full grown shihtzu, pure breed. He is 28 pounds, overweight..should be 24 as an adult. I also have a Peek-A-Poo which is part poodle and part pekingnese. She is 23 pounds. From the breed that you described alone, I would guess that you have a small to medium sized house dog, probably looking at 20 pounds or so. But, the breeder would have a better idea, maybe not correct but more information on the parents.

    No, you can't stop or stunt the growth. That is determined by the breed of dog. Good luck, they are good housedogs, very smart and easily trained, tricks and everything!
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  • arkpudel

    Since this is a mixed breed, and there is no "breed standard" there is no way to know what characteristics your dog will have. She could take on the traits of either or both parents.

    And, trying to "stunt" your dog's growth because you don't like the size is cruel. If you had stuck with one of the purebreds, then you would have been in a much better position to predict how your dog would develop, and have a better idea of what size dog you would be getting.
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  • Pamela D(midget12_

    All Poodles continue to grow til they are about 2 yrs old
    Toy under 10 inches tall and weighs about 4-8 lbs depending whether male or female.
    Min taller then 10 inches and shorter then 15 at shoulder, weighs 10-15 lbs depending on male or frmale.
    Standard 15 inches and taller at shoulder can be any where from 40-75 lbs when fully an adult.

    I dont know to much about Shih tzus but have seen them and they look to be about 15-20 lbs at full growth
    So now depending on which poodle was used to breed with a shih tzu well your dog could be any where from 5- 25 lbs.
    And for Gods sake dont try to stunt poor dogs growth. It is bad enough some stupid person allowed these two dogs to mate in first place to make a litter of mutts.
    and also I hope you didnt pay alot for it
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    Breeder,handler, owner of
    standard AKC and CKC Poodles

  • ;)

    she's a shi-poo? You can tell just about any dogs adult weight by tripling the 8wk weight. So if she is 2.2 at ten weeks you would figure about 6lbs adult weight.
    People slow growth by food restriction, but it is not kind or humane. Just let her be what she is supposed to be. Enjoy your dog.
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