Are carrots good for my 7 months old shihtzu/terrier mix puppy?

I'm worried that if I give my new dog carrots that it will become accustom to the carrots and not eat his regular plain dog food. Am I right to assume this?

yes you're right also save some carrots to mix with his normal dog food. Cut the carrots up and mix it into the dog food. hope it helps icon biggrin Are carrots good for my 7 months old shihtzu/terrier mix puppy?

  • Lavender/Cassey

    yes you're right also save some carrots to mix with his normal dog food. Cut the carrots up and mix it into the dog food. hope it helps :D
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  • Barbara B

    Cook the carrots first.

    Use them as treats – that is, sparingly.

    P.S. I used to have a doberman who loved fresh fruit – especially apples – to the point where I couldn't keep fresh fruit out on the table. Didn't do her a bit of harm.
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  • Baba Yaga

    Carrots are okay – don't give raisins or grapes.
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  • smartsassysabrina

    I feed my dogs carrots with their dry dog food at every meal. My vet recommended the carrots to help them feel full even though they are on a lower calorie diet to help them lose weight. They love them and I never cook them. I give them about 12 baby carrots each in their dinner. My vet also recommended frozen green beans, but I haven't tried them yet.
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  • RaysinGyrl

    My girls get baby carrotts in lieu of dog bisquits… I just toss some baby carrotts out onto the kitchen floor and they happily gobble them up. I do not cook the carrotts, rather feed them raw. I think the crunch helps clean their teeth as well (bonus).

    They have carrott treats twice a week at the most – they do not turn up their nose to their dog kibble either.

    Just be sure you're feeding a quality holistic dog kibble like Artemis, Canidae, Wellness, Innova… something along those lines.

    Healthy snacking never hurt anyone!
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  • gryffin218

    As long as you are only feeding carrots as a treat, they're great! Obviously, nothing should replace a puppy's diet of dog food, but there's nothing wrong with providing treats every now and then!

    Actually, carrots are one of the best treats you could choose! Most store-bought treats are extremely high in fat and calories, so even small amounts could potentially be unhealthy for your pet. Carrots, however, are a much healthier option. They are low in fat and calories and contain antioxidants and vitamins like A, B, & C. Also, they can help clean the dog's teeth.

    …Also, try freezing the carrots before giving them to your puppy. My puppy, a 5 month old Yorkie (as well as my previous dog), loves carrots, but goes NUTS over frozen ones!
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  • pony

    There are alot of fresh fruits and veggies that you can give to your pooch that makes a very nutritious snack.
    My dogs love apples, banana's, carrots, chunks of sweet potato. Use as a treat, do not put them in his bowl and he won't associate them with meal time.
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  • MBK

    Carrots are a good healthy alternative for other dog treats. My dog enjoys the little bite size ones that come in a baggie from the supermarket. He likes green beans, too!
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  • Kelly C

    The carrots are fine, and no dog will stop eating its dog food unless you allow them to bully you. Carrots should be used as treats, not meals.. make the dog work for each carrot by doing a trick or command ie "sit". Only give the dogs treats when you want to not when the dog wants it, and when you feed the dog, thats all he/she gets, if the dog doesnt eat it right away you dont feed them anything else until they do. Ill never understand how people allow dogs to stop eating their dog food, its not a debate, its not a choice either the dog eats its food or the dog goes hungry until it eats the food. They wont starve themselves to death, they will eventually eat the food. Dont ever let your dog bully you into anything regarding food.
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  • agilebxr

    Continue to feed carrots if you wish — as a treat only. I often freeze them and use them as nutritious chew toys during teething. They should not replace your dog's regular food, but rather supplement it.
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  • Amy McCurdy

    If you are wondering about the benefits of carrots for dogs then you should know that carrots are one of the most nutrient rich veggie you can feed your dog. Don’t worry, the carrots will never take the place of his desire for protein. I supplement my dogs meal with carrots everyday. I feed the regular amount but add carrots as well. They are happy and healthy and their skin and coat are shiny and vibrant. Diarrhea and constipation are a thing of the past. Because the beta carotene repairs the lining of the stomach this aids with digestion and avoids stomach upset.

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