Why won’t my dog hardly ever let me pick her up?

She is a 7 pound imperial shih tzu and I have had her since she was just a baby. She is so spoiled and comfortable with me and she is SO attatched to me. I KNOW she is not afraid of me because she hardly EVER minds me (my dad says I never taught her that I am the “pack leader”, ha). This is why it makes absolutely no sense why most of the time when I bend down to pick her up, she stomps and plays and runs around in circles and backs up–basically it’s like she thinks it’s a joke or something?
She jumps into my lap all of the time and loves to be held and cuddled, but for some reason when I go to pick her up she thinks it’s funny or something. And other times she will jump and sass like she wants me to get her, but when I start to, she backs away. I guess in cases like this she is trying to play, but even when she isn’t sassy she will back up from me. I know that there is no possible way she is scared of me or uncomfortable with me, so why is she like this?

She knows she is a dog and not a baby…….clever dog!

  • Animal Lover

    Maybe shes sensitive somewhere on her stomach try just touching her belly if she acts agressive or yelps take her to the vet to see if theres something wrong. Hope this helps!!!
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  • followurdreams2

    Maybe you should buy some coco chenelle.

    Dogs seem to be attracted to it.

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  • Amanda E

    she may be trying to play or she just doesn’t want to be bothered
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  • rose s

    she might be afraid of heights
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  • Stormy boy

    She knows she is a dog and not a baby…….clever dog!
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  • Tena

    My 4 yr old Shi Tzu does the same thing. He will let me hold him but only when I’m standing. If I’m sitting he wiggles to get away. He’s definetely not a lap dog which is why I bought him initially for my mom but then he became attached to me. She did eventually get her lap dog, a Westie,who never leaves her side. The only time my Shi Tzu really seems to like to cuddle is when he’s really tired and when it’s time for bed or “nite-nite” as he knows it. He is the sweetest dog I’ve ever had. He’s my baby.

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